Auto Deliver Digital Products and 5 min consultation



If you sell E-Books or Software, or are considering selling on eBay™, then this E-Book is for you! This E-Book will show you how to automate your E-Book / Software business using Outlook Express / Outlook and Thunderbird.

This E-Book will show you step-by-step, exactly how to have your digital products automatically delivered to your customers once they pay you with PayPal™.

Imagine this, your online business starts to get busy, you receive 100 orders for various E-Book and software titles. That means you would have to send out 100 emails, copy and pasting or typing the download addresses into the emails you send out. Your customers will also have to wait until you are available to send out the digital products they have paid for.

Buy this E-Book and you will be able to sell digital products through eBay or through your website without having to send out hundreds of emails. Your customers will receive their products within minutes after paying for their product, even if it’s 3am in the moring!

Instead of spending all your time at your computer sending out E-Books, why not spend the time with your family, going to the gym or going out with friends instead?

You will also learn how to create a PayPal Shopping Cart and Buy Now buttons so you can sell E-Books / Software on your own website as well as learn how to identify spoof / scam emails trying to steal your details.

This is an essential guide for anyone looking to start an E-Book business. Buy it now and automate YOUR E-Book / Software business. Turn YOUR computer into an automatic money machine and watch the money rolling in.

Not only that, Master Resale Rights are included so you are free to resell this product for 100% profit. Sales materials included!

System requirements:

> IBM Compatible PC with Windows 98 or above.