20 Surefire Techniques and 5 min consultation


20 Surefire Techniques To Insure Your Website Explodes!
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for registering for this e-course.  I know it’s
gonna be a real eye-opener for you.I wrote this e-course with one goal in mind.  I’d like to put a little “twist” on some common
topics I’m sure you’ve already heard or read about at one time or another online.Why?…

Because I’d REALLY like to try and thrust you into a brainstorming “frenzy”…

I want you to really think (and hopefully understand) why certain selling methods and
techniques are so vital to your online business…

...And how easily you can implement many of them into your everyday
sales efforts.

If you do nothing else, please read over each and every one of the topics… Even if you’re a “KNOW IT ALL” and you feel you already know everything there is to know about a particular subject (and I say that with “MUCHO” love and respect ;-).

Because if you do, I promise you one thing… you’ll finish this course with a brighter outlook and renewed excitement about your online business!

Are you ready to bring out the SUPER SALESPERSON lurking inside you?

Great!  Here we go…..

  1. Create A Mailing List – This is absolutely – without a doubt – the most vital and necessary tool for your business!  It is so EXTREMELY important to have a mailing list that entire websites, e-books and courses have been written on the subject.This is your ULTIMATE tool for your success.  You’ve probably heard the phrase… “The Money Is In The List”.  Trust me… No words are truer!  You need to have a mailing list and keep in touch with your website visitors to bring in new business.And here’s where many fail: You CANNOT simply put a small text link or graphic on your site that reads “sign up for our mailing list“.  That won’t cut it.

    NOT EVEN CLOSE!  Who cares?

You need to be a SUPER Salesperson online!

Be creative and find ways, whatever it takes, to get customers to sign up to your list.  Once a customer is on your mailing list, they’re a prospect (and hopefully a new customer) for life!  Repeat sales will be the lifeblood for your business.  Offer a freebie… ANYTHING… Your first born child (just kidding)… something of value – something to persuade your visitors to sign up to your list.

It’s that important!  Here’s a few ideas:

— Offer a discount coupon or special promo to those who sign up…

— Offer a free email course; I.E. Crafting, Decorating Ideas, How to build a  coffee table under $50, etc…

— Promote a contest or drawing that every new subscriber will be entered into…

— Offer a special “Members Only” section for all subscribers…

And promote your mailing list EVERYWHERE possible!  In your email, on your website, your auctions…EVERYWHERE!  Find clever and unique ways to get your list information out there! Use your own creativity and come up with some “never before seen” ways to attract new subscribers!  Browse the net and see what other retailers are doing.  Hell, this is so important that many websites actually setup an entire domain name just for their opt-in list!

Then, once you’re ready to setup your new mailing list, I highly recommend AWeber Services.  They are TOP NOTCH, provide a smorgasbord of resources, and they are EXTREMELY affordable.  Plus, they offer a RISK FREE 30 Day Test Drive!  If you don’t have a mailing list… start one today!

  1. Write Your Own Newsletter – Again, this is the ultimate tool for keeping in touch with your website visitors and offering them something of value – FREE.  Your topic choices are endless.

For example, if you own an online gift store, the topics you can consider could be:

– Creative Gift Ideas For Children And Adults – All Under $10
– Creative And Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas On A Budget
– Holiday Or Seasonal – A mailing on each of the holidays offering clever ideas on cooking and decorating
– Children’s Themes – Mom’s love to learn more about creative ways to amuse their kids

Comprende?  Your opportunities to keep in touch are once again “endless”.  And please don’t get scared and run away from the idea because you think you can’t write!  Anybody can write an interesting article…just keep it geared toward something you’re passionate about and you’ll surely excel!

A great web resource to learn more about how to write effectively online is a website called SiteSell.  In addition, you could download a variety of free e-books from their website that go into this subject in more detail.

I HIGHLY recommend visiting SiteSell if you aren’t familiar with their website.  Then, put your newsletter to the test!  You’ll be astonished with the results!

  1. Build Your Own Website – “If you build it they will come!” However, in order to get visitors, your website should NOT be geared toward direct sales, but more importantly toward simply attracting visitors and (YEP…. you guessed it) … getting them to sign up to your list!  It’s that IMPORTANT!

If you don’t have your own website… get one.  You’re missing out on a wealth of opportunity.  And remember… you can sell products later…. after you’ve established a relationship with your customers and built trust!

And I guarantee you will sell products “later” if you build your list!

Your site doesn’t have to be fancy, and to be perfectly honest, there are many websites out there that provide a great service for folks who aren’t too familiar with web design.  I’ve listed my favorite below.

Understand that creating your own website not only allows you MUCH more opportunity to create sales, but it will also get you much more involved (and excited) about your online business.  The search engines look for content when listing sites… and that’s very important for traffic.

You’ll have the ability to create some genuine content that’ll be picked up by those search engines, which in turn, will lead to a flood of traffic.  Once you start writing articles for your newsletter (and you will start a newsletter…right?), simply load them onto your website to add instant content that your visitors will enjoy reading and look forward to… and the search engines will gobble it up like an ant eater on steroids.

As mentioned previously, you want to earn your customers trust and actually build relationships.  That’s the goal of your website!  Once you accomplish this, the sales will follow.  That is extremely important!  Don’t try to immediately sell a visitor that lands on your website, but instead offer them something of value…. FREE… I.E. a newsletter subscription or a free report to download outlining some great ways to solve a problem or put some excitement in their life.

SiteSell University – If you aren’t familiar…CHECK IT OUT!  If you are… Congratulations!

SiteSell University will offer you a goldmine of information about “pre-selling” your customers and, in my opinion ( and I don’t endorse too many businesses this strongly), they have the best web hosting service on the planet for new startups, complete with mailing list features, newsletter integration, promotional tools and much more.


  1. Create An Affiliate Program – Referrals can generate a wealth of income for you, but you have to play your cards right.  There are affiliate programs everywhere.  Try to make your affiliate program unique (REMEMBER – be a SUPER Salesperson).

Here’s the key — Instead of providing links directly to your products and services to make sales (and for your affiliates to make referral money), you want to provide links to your newsletter subscription or a free download.

The point is… Get the traffic to your site and then follow up with your customers in emails and newsletters.  Your affiliates will still receive a commission after you make a sale down the road….. And you’ll make a sale – 1000 sales – down the road simply by following up with your opt-in subscribers on a regular basis!

If your affiliates are referring people to your site for a free gift or an incredible promotional offer instead of referring someone surfing the net to your site to BUY SOMETHING, don’t you think that MANY MORE online folks would click through to your site from a link offering something for FREE.  Absolutely… And that should be your goal… to get the TRAFFIC… To build your list of happy targeted subscribers!


For example…

Which of the two links below would you be more apt to click on if you were browsing?
“Buy anything and everything from Disney Phones to Nostalgic Audio all at Unbeatable Prices!”  We Accept MC/Visa/AMEX/Discover. Thousands of products to choose from!  Rock Bottom Prices! Huge Savings Everyday!  FREE Shipping on many items in stock.  Click Here To Visit Our Site!OR…

“Looking For Unique And Affordable Gift Ideas?  Download Our FREE Guide To “Choosing The Perfect Gift For That Special Occasion – Even If Your On A Shoestring Budget”  You’ll SAVE Hundreds… Even Thousands… And Your “Special Someone” Will Be Tickled Pink!”  You’ll Refer To It Over And Over Again!
Get it?  Again, the subject of affiliate programs in general could consume an entire book, but I hope you understand the basic points I’m trying to share with you.  You can setup a “Kick Butt” affiliate program at Mal’s E Commerce as well and it’s TOTALLY FREE! Now, you have no excuse NOT to get setup and start recruiting an army of affiliates to sell for you.  So… What are you waiting for?

NOTE: If a more professional affiliate program is something you’d like to look into, we highly recommend AssocTrac4.  This software was developed in house by the Internet Marketing Center.  This is the same software that Derek Gehl, President of the Internet Marketing Center, used to bring in over $7 Millions Dollars in profits last year alone.  It’s very easy to setup and has a huge list of benefits.

If you plan to sell information products (highly recommended and profitable) you’ll want to look into Clickbank.  They not only have a terrific affiliate program, you’ll also find many products you can easily promote on your website that will earn you (on average) a 50% commission.

  1. Limit Your Sources – There are many companies out there that claim to have 100,000, 200,000, 1,000,000 product available for you to sell.  Be careful!  It’s hard enough focusing on your marketing and advertising budget when you have 10 products available…. never mind 10,000.You’ve heard the saying… “Too BIG too quick!”  Well that’s a real concern when you’re a small business online.  Stay focused!  You could become an expert in your field a lot easier with a laser tight product line and focus…GUARANTEED!You want to find your niche’ (product specific) market and capitalize on it.  It’s easy to get excited about having everything under the sun to sell – from toasters to toilet paper – but the truth of the matter is…. Finding quality products and capitalizing on their small market is MUCH MORE PROFITABLE than having everything under the sun in your inventory AND then trying to decide what to sell to every shopper online.  You’ll quickly go “insane”. AAAHHHH!

    You could always find a drop shipping source that you can feel confident in and one you feel dedicates themselves to drop shipping specifically.  A great resource for finding drop ship suppliers that will ship products directly to your customers – AFTER YOU”VE ALREADY SOLD THE ITEM – is The Drop Ship Source Directory.  You could find a lot of quality products to sell and learn more about drop shipping in general on their website.

FYI: There are many companies out there who offer drop shipping services (it seems everybody’s jumping on the band wagon lately), unfortunately in most instances, it’s not their primary focus…. and that’s a problem!

They offer their drop shipping services as an afterthought, figuring they could make a few bucks on their drop ship sales too, but their primary focus is always going to be BULK wholesale.  If you start dealing with any of these sources, you may soon find that the tools and support you ultimately need as a drop ship distributor of their products are insufficient – or worst yet – not available at all.  For instance, access to their inventory counts, a digital downloadable catalog with quality images and descriptions, database spreadsheets, online package tracking, etc.

If you decide to pursue drop shipping products from your website or auctions, stick with those companies only found in The Drop Ship Source Directory.  You can’t go wrong.

Well, that knocks down our first five… and it only gets better from here!